A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sexta-feira, outubro 17, 2003

Soy Un Profanador...

Had a post--not longish--that was just erased by Blogger. God bless the system.

Disappointments are attacking me again, some self-caused, others rather perplexing. But today was fun. Spent the evening with Downer Downey celebrating his birthday at a bash for the Uppity Rag. Was held at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in the Hollywood and Highland complex. Was rather fun, especially since we were also intently watching the Red Sox/Yankees classic. Great moment of the night: as Downer Downey was winding up for his throw, Aaron Boone smacked his bottom-of-the-11th home run. I suddenly yell, rush towards Downer Downey and hug him so he doesn't throw the ball, direct his attention to the big screen, and tell him just what happened. He goes nuts. Such friends.

Such friends, exactly--Downer Downey left me because he said he was thisclose to hooking up with a fellow coworker. I understood--happens to everyone except me. So I was reduced to walking Hollywood Blvd. by myself. Should've been Sunset.

Weird compliment of the night: "You throw really hard" (comment on my bowling method. I actually did rather well tonight)

Earlier, I ate a sandwich that must have literally weighed a pound. About the best way I could describe it was as if it were two Subway six-inch sandwiches put side-by-side, but nine inches in length and twice as thick. It was a lot. And I ate it all. The people at the Rag were so amused by my appetite I actually got annoyed. What a life--the fact that people make fun of how much I eat is the biggest problem in my life?! Actually, no--but it's nice to pretend.