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sexta-feira, outubro 31, 2003

There's a Go Betty Go fan site where a thread labelledGo Betty Go Fan Forum - GBG hater or? is dedicated to thrashing me for my article on them for the Rag. I've received a couple of hits from that discussion board--someone put up the link to this infernal blog. Here is my favorite comment--it's regarding visiting my site:

wouldnt want to waste my precious time at that site

And someone counters with:

So true......all he has on that link is stupidities....

Guess what, GBG fans--that above comment is correct! But thank you for caring enough about my moronic comments to visit my blog! Come back more often--you'll learn a lot about nothing except Daily Rotten history like this:

Oct 31

All Hallows Eve. What once served as a spooky New Years Eve tradition for the ancient Celts (which they called Samhain) was ultimately appropriated by Pope Gregory IV in 840 AD to serve as the daylong vigil preceding the Feast of All Saints. Even so, the Christians preserved the pagan festival's spooky trappings anyway. Cunning bastards.

Stupidity, I tell you!