A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2003

Vanity Fair...

A excerpt from a Chastity post...

Hi! Mr Big Words, my friend thought you were cute! Thought I'd pass that along, its always good to hear that someone thinks you're cute no?

Dorky Angel asked me last week what was the most important thing that happened to me last year--have I already posted this? Too fookin' bad, I'm writing it again (unless I haven't posted this and this is the first time. Ah, writer's block). My answer was that I finally accepted the fact that women could find me attractive.

Before you accuse me of even more arrogance than usual, let me explain. One of the major problems I suffer from is utter bewilderment as to how people could possibly like me. Uds. read the hate mail I get (and don't think I don't read your comments, Obsessive!), and I always go through insecurities as to my writing abilities. The worst neurosis I ever suffered from, though, is that of looks and attraction.

When I was in high school, the most beautiful senior (I was also a senior) let it be known that she wanted me. She started following me around, accompanied me to various photo assignments. One time, as we were walking past Mr. Brennan's class, she told me the following: "I really like you, Gustavo. I think you're really attractive, handsome, and wonderful."

My response? "No you don't."

I couldn't accept it that anyone could like it, let alone a goddess. Such an ugly duckling syndrome affected me with my relationships in the sense that I'd latch on to a woman for dear life even if she was emotionally abusive towards me for fear that I'd never find another woman.

But this year changed my perspective. I'm not sure exactly what it was. I went through another half-year of sputters with Raunchy Protestant, went on one date that went nowhere fast, and a series of very successful ones that just might bear fruition. But something in my mind just clicked and accepted that there will be some women out there that actually think I'm cute, as Chastity's friend let her know. Nevermind that people still say I look like Marc Anthony, who--though I admire as a singer and performer--is ugly. Some women think I'm cute.

I accept that conundrum. Now the second question: why?

As the male half of the Chapman Couple advised, I will not analyze, I shall just accept and revel.

BTW, Chastity, let Miss Grigio know I thought she was quite the looker also!
Rerun died.

An excerpt:

He played himself in an episode of NBC's Scrubs last April. As was his way, he wore the Rerun red beret, and the Rerun red suspenders.

Until recently, Fred Berry had been one of the on-demand telephone friends for HollywoodIsCalling.com, the new service connecting fans with a roster of largely low-watt stars.

Ugh, if I'd ever get famous and spend the last years of my life capitalizing on my short-lived stature, can someone please push me off the 8 Freeway in the Imperial Desert?!