A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, outubro 29, 2003

Writing right now, but had to include this interesting quote courtesy of an Outkast review for Speakerboxx/The Love Below...

The African-American community has a specific cross to bear when confronting this "realness," but everybody has a problem being good. It's boring. We've known this at least since the 19th century, when the Rev. Rowland Hill of Surrey Chapel in London delivered the line often attributed to Martin Luther: "The devil should not have all the best tunes." Who has the best record collection? Your saintly friend who jogs 10 miles a day and does pro bono work or your annoying slacker friend who tends bar?

Guess what? My baby don't love me--but she does shake it like a Polaroid.

BTW, I'm the keyboardist on the album--bespectacled, modest around the ladies, but a BAD-ASS!