A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2003

And finally, some wonderful historical moments courtesy of Daily Rotten...

Nov 5 1975

Logger Travis Walton is abducted by aliens near Snowflake, Arizona and is missing for five days. Aliens performed "various experiements" on the abductee. One can only imagine this involved anal probes of some manner. Needless to say, Walton finds the experience immensely lucrative as his experiences are chronicled in the mediocre book "Fire From the Sky" and a very bad film by Paramount.

Nov 5 1979

Ayatollah Khomeini declares the US to be "The Great Satan". In return, Time Magazine later selects the ayatollah "Man of the Year".

Nov 5 1994

Ronald Reagan announces that he has Alzheimer's. For some people it merely confirms what they suspected all along. [Trivia question: Which 1980's president fell asleep at an audience with the Pope?]