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quinta-feira, novembro 20, 2003

Baby, You can Drive My Car...

Awesome article on the move my Schwarzenegger to repeal SB 60.

Marc Cooper makes the argument that repealing SB 60 would actually be beneficial to illegal immigrants because the issue would be dealt with in a bureacratic manner rather than left to the troglodytes of the electorate. Here's the conclusion:

The most we can hope for now is that Schwarzenegger will not slobber and pander to his hard-line Republican supporters as much as Davis did to his anti-recall allies. Perhaps I’m reaching for straws, but I was heartened that in his inaugural speech, the new governor, in vowing to repeal the measure, referred to it by its bureaucratic moniker of S.B. 60 and refrained from mouthing either of the hot-button phrases “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant.” When the tempers of the recall cool and a year or so from now the nativist petition gatherers retreat back into their bunkers, let’s hope that Schwarzenegger and the Latino Caucus are wise enough to agree on an acceptable compromise.

In the meantime, all those undocumented who do most of our work for us and who had briefly entertained the illusion that this coming January they could at least come into legal compliance as drivers, need to brace for the certain and immediate repeal of the law. As they continue to drive, licenseless, with one eye peeled for the cops, they can also ponder the long and still growing list of those responsible for their current predicament: Pete Wilson, the GOP caucus, Cruz Bustamante, Rescue California, Arnold, the more reckless among the Latino Caucus, and . . . yes . . . Gray Davis.

I'm proud to say my article arguing for driver's licenses for illegals is still getting me mail, both supportive and dismissive. When I have the chance, I'll post some.

Then there's this article regarding the plummetting consumption of bread in America thanks to the Atkins Diet.

An excerpt:

The growing craze for high protein, low carbohydrate slimming regimes such as the Atkins diet is threatening the market for one of the staple foods of the West - bread.

Consumption of bread plummeted in America in the past year with an estimated 40 per cent of Americans eating less than in 2002. The US bread industry is to hold a crisis "bread summit" tomorrow to discuss measures to curb falling sales. In Britain, the Federation of Bakers launched a promotional campaign last month to counter the Atkins effect. British Bread month was advertised with the slogan "Use your loaf, have another slice."

Diet-obsessed people are idiots. Yes, I'm one to criticize based on my rather-scrawny physique, but most people who try to lose weight do it for solely aesthetic, not legitimate reasons. If someone is obese to the point where it is affecting their health, then I say it's OK from my high horse.

But what of those who are already perfectly fine. The Fabulous G Sisters are always trying to lose weight despite their goddess appearance. I remember Striggy once telling me she needed to lose about 10 pounds--woman is as skinny as me. And you know who constantly carps about being overweight? Women. Male dominance in the world disgusts me--maybe that's why I'm such a milquetoast, as a form of protest and to provide an annoying counter-case.