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quarta-feira, novembro 19, 2003

Be Thankful for What You Got...

Fascinating article on the origins of Thanksgiving.

At first, I feared this would be the true-but-cliched canard against imperialism, and to a certain extent it is. But the author goes on to tie Thanksgiving not just to the English but also to the Spaniards and their reconquista of their mother country from the Moors.

I'm not sure I believe the connection, however. By the time the Pilgrims came over, the schism between Catholic Spain and Protestant England was already big. And while the Pilgrims were no friend of either Crown, I doubt that they'd willingly continue an edict set forth by a pope commemorating the defeat of infidels. The latter-day occurrence cited by the author is correct; the Spanish argument is rather stretched out.

Disregarding the genocide, I personally don't like Thanksgiving. Food's terrible--turkey is dry, mashed potatoes are blandly disgusting, sweet potatoes are sickly, and cranberry sauce looks like blood but doesn't have any of the charm.

Thanksgiving: a day where we give thanks that we only have to eat such terrible food but once a year.