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ter├ža-feira, novembro 25, 2003

Bizarre death courtesy of Rotten.com history...

Nov 24 1983

Jimmy "the Beard" Ferrozzo is crushed to death after hours in San Francisco's Condor Club. Ferrozzo, the club's assistant manager, was fucking one of the strippers on top of a baby grand piano when one of the pair inadvertently flipped the switch to the motorized winch that lowered the instrument from the ceiling. Only when his legs are trapped between the piano and the ceiling that Ferrozzo manages to shut off the hoist, but he dies of a heart attack. The exotic dancer remains trapped underneath his body until firefighters arrive to free her, several hours later.

Reminds me of the death some five years ago of a women who fell off a hotel balcony. According to the man with her at the time of her fall, they were having sex on the ledge and his--ahem--thrusting proved so vigorous he accidentally knocked her off. No comment on my behalf although I do believe he's in prison today.