A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2003

For Everything There is A Season...

Did I say I was going to see some Iberian metal? I meant Argentine!

Ah, Argentina...

Am relistening to Sweetheart of the Rodeo, one of the boldest albums ever recorded, not to mention beautiful. Proto alt-country--I'm hearing this album and want to glide across a wooden floor with the one I adore, both of us a bit scared about the future but trusting that all turns out well.

Alas, that is not happening anytime soon, so I instead offer this track...


The jukebox is playing a honky tonk song
One more I keep saying and then I'll go home
What good would it do me, I know what I'll find
An empty bottle of broken hearts and you're still on my mind

The people are laughing and having their fun
While I sit here crying over what you have done
My pockets are empty, my last drink of wine
An empty bottle of broken hearts and your still on my mind

Alone and forsaken, so blue I could die
I just sit here drinking till the bottle runs dry
To try and forget you I turn to the wine
An empty bottle of broken hearts and your still on my mind

This song reminds me why I love country and the connections that span race and culture but persist amongst class. Alcoholism, well-hidden sensitivity--fuck machismo!--and sparse lyrics. And the song itself is a slide guitar/honky tonk joy.

Enough for now--back to work!

PS--don't read too much into the lyric selection--just a damn wonderful song. That it also addresses heartbreak is purely coincidental--OK, maybe not purely. But let's just I sleep well but wake up crestfallen...