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quinta-feira, novembro 06, 2003

If I ever write a story like this or express the same sentiments, please kill me.

The story is so terrible (not the writing style--although that's rather dull, also, but the philosophy behind it), I have to excerpt parts and rip them...

There was a time when I considered $50 jeans at The Gap upscale. The thought of forking over any more money seemed ludicrous.

$50 for a pair of jeans?! Hell, I wouldn't pay $50 for a pair of anything outside glasses. Pants should run no more than $25--and they better be damn good khakis. Jeans...I don't wear jeans. And I guess that says a lot about me, no?

But more and more it seemed like everywhere I looked, some girl had on those jeans. I had to try them for myself, if only to dispel the hype.

This is a tale of caving in and finally crossing over to the $100 side of jeans.

Isn't it nice to see reporters cave in to the latest trends? Especially a reporter who usually covers the disgusting world of Garden Grove politics?

Our story begins in a dressing room at the South Coast Plaza Nordstrom, where I've been eyeing Laura Kimmel's fabulously jeaned derriere.

That really shows solidarity with your audience! Then again, it's the Reg, and I doubt many working class people read the paper for other than their fabulous sports section.

Women aren't the only ones. Guys are coughing up the moola to sport jeans from brands like Seven, AG, Diesel and paperdenim&cloth. Ask Xavier Molina, 28, of Orange.

"I think I collect them almost as much as I buy them to wear," said Molina, a graphic artist.

I think there's a term for men like Mr. Molina--chuppies!

Another wallet-draining side effect to my new habit: If I upgrade the jeans, I must also upgrade the shoes. The purse.


Poor journalist! That $40,000-a-year salary ain't paying you enough?

Excuse my commie rant. I have to go drive my Camry to enjoy drinks at my local entertainment establishment.

BTW, isn't Ms. Nguyen a hot piece o'? In fact, the Reg has an entire stable of hot fillies who can't write well but are the prettiest reporters around--much better than the trolls at the Rag or the gnomes at the LA Times. I'm not sure if there's a name for the principle, but I do believe that the quality of one's writing varies inversely with one's looks. That explains why the writers at the Rag are the best--we're hideous!