A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, novembro 22, 2003

I'm a Loser (The Beatles song, not the also-excellent Beck song)...


1. You lose $15 in Texas Hold'Em in a matter of 15 minutes
2. Miss out on dessert with someone nice because of said $15 loss
3. Get cancelled on a great road trip with someone even nicer
4. Have UCLA be massacred by USC
5. Leave a dear friend's house to take a couple of people out for dinner, only to discover that the people of honor didn't know about any dinner because they both forgot and the person who was supposed to remind them forget to do such a thing
7. Have a tape with last week's Simpsons episode mysteriously erase
8. Achieve last place in almost every game of Mario Go-Kart
9. Not get invited by your own family to dinner because they assumed you wouldn't attend
10. Get verbally insulted left and right without return the favor.

You truly are a loser.

I am definitely in the dregs right now. Hello, lover--long time no see!

And now, a word from Gustavo

Everyone thinks I have low self-esteem. I don't--I know perfectly well my qualities and deficiencies, and I know how I match up to other people in this world. My problem lies with me knowing that people can never accept me completely. There's always one little thing about me they cannot accept, whether it's my sexual morals, non-travelling status, still-live-at-home-despite-age living situation, straightedge philosophy on alcohol, smoking and drugs, and a bevy of other things.

Thos are all petty things! Can't people see the good in me through the quirky?! Usually, they cannot. And thus, desolation.

On some better news, here's a super-sweet email from My 49ers Cousin #1's girlfriend, Stenographer Extraordinaire...

I never knew how romantic you were, well....are.

"Dancing together solidifies trust, creates new relationships, rejuvenates the injured civic and personal soul. Dancing together is love."

And when you made the comment below, I actually felt my heart ache. Like a gas bubble or something. (But it wasn't that, that doesn't sound too girly.)

"But we never had the chance to dance again. And when she told me two weeks ago that she couldn’t be with me for the moment—maybe forever—I couldn’t help thinking: we didn’t dance enough."

You made a comment that you "just have to learn to be a better person." I already think you a great person. You make mistakes just like the rest of us, yours are just more documented than everyone else's. You're quirks and jerks are what make you, well, YOU.

Okay, I'm gonna stop kissing your butt. That's not my intention, but I just think you're a grand. I don't know if you hear that enough, but I wanted to make sure I got mine in. Have a good day!

P.s. You haven't lost this blog reader.

One of the sweetest people I know. Thank you, Stenographer Extraordinaire--you made me smile.