A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, novembro 08, 2003

No Desaires a los Hombres...

Free dinner to the person who knows what corrido I'm referring to!

The past two days have been spent working--no fun at all. However, writing for the Rag has always been bliss and games. For "work" yesterday, went to an Arabic restaurant right down the street from the coffin-dodgers at the California Coalition for Immigration Reform--wonder if they know that A-rabs are right down the street from them, not to mention a sushi bar, Korean memorial, Filipino produce store, and Mexican carniceria?

I've realized I need to go out more often--but to where? My idea of going out is spending time with people, but most of the people I know either go out by bar-hopping, drinking massively in their homes, or dancing--and I do neither. This is not to say that those I know aren't also up to spending some intellectual time, but no one wants to do it permanently like me. Maybe I should take up camp in Tierra de Fuego.

In one of my usual unlimited semiosis attacks earlier today, I remembered that Allen Ginsburg once penned a poem called "Thoughts on Hearing the Beatles for the First Time." I read it in a Rolling Stone when Ginsburg died but can no longer seem to find it. Let's see what the ol' Google can do...bastard!