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sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2003

Salvame la Vida...

The rants for the Rag this week:

Monster feature on the LBC's Jenni Rivera.

Shall be Chapter 7 of my expected tome.

Another music story, this time on East LA troubadours Quetzal.

They have a show this Saturday in SanTana. I suggest you go see it--I'll be there, for those of you who have unfinished face-to-face business with me!

CD review of Control Machete's latest CD, Uno, Dos: Bandera:

Check out the following line from the review...

"Remarkably, Uno, Dos: Bandera hearkens back to traditional Mexican ranchera by celebrating life while simultaneously showing there’s little worth extolling, as Control Machete trade off with a slew of guest singers to help them commemorate the false-consciousness euphoria experienced by the working class."

Even I'm sickened by that line--stupid college boy!

Sex abuse in the Orange County Catholic Church and some major Republican Party official.

Sorry--I need to protect my ass from libel so can't print words--just read the damn story before it's pulled!

Food review of Orange County's first Salvadoran restaurant.

Great place, although not Orange County's best guanaco restaurant--that's Pupuseria San Sivar.

And finally, my pick o' the week on Cafe Tacuba. Have to post it in its entirety since the Rag doesn't keep them online longer than a week...



Mexico City mavens Café Tacuba are at a point in their astral career when they can justifiably bypass dirty dives in favor of classy arenas, a move the quartet made during their past three Southland shows by successfully packing the Grove, Hollywood Palladium and Hollywood Bowl. But los tacubos aren’t averse to the occasional small gig just yet, so they’re blessing the county with a Thursday night appearance at JC Fandango that promises to be la naranja’s most crowded/sweaty/ecstatic mass of Latin gals ’n’ gents in years.

Sure, $40 for a show is pinche expensive—thank you for the needless gouging, JC Fandango owner/ruthless capitalist Javier Castellanos!—but it’s slightly less so when you consider that those two Jacksons will get you up close and personal with the greatest band Latin alternative music has ever produced, not to mention the most inventive Hispanic artistic collective since the Rivera/Siqueiros/ Orozco mural troika of 1930s Mexico. Crafters of tunes that bounce like a healthy EKG reading across musical genres, in concert, Café Tacuba’s razors-on-eardrums straightedge numbers segue into synth-heavy banda reinterpretations that give way to acoustic ballads so chirpy they’d make a sparrow puke.

Critics deem the band everything from the Mexican Beatles to the Latino Radiohead, but their fan base happily gives such categories a stud collar to the face, as Café Tacuba is probably the only Latin alternative group that features oily metalheads, froufrou socialites, Chuck-wearing skankers, mohawked yuppies and even gabachos wading within their ever-whirling pit. And please: español no es necesario to enjoy them, so if your year has so far been miserable, just cram into JC Fandango on Thursday and let Café Tacuba’s joyous chords sweep up your trodden soul.

I'll be there too--I'm the Tom Joad of Latin alternative!