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segunda-feira, novembro 03, 2003

Shake it Like a Polaroid...

Some anti-religion fun courtesy of Pinochet Apologist...

Students for A None Religious Ethos Weekly Update

Due to the large number of midterms coming up this week, there will be no meeting this Wednesday. However, we do have something to keep you occupied in case you need your weekly dose of SANE. Recently we received an email addressed to SANE from one or more Christians who thought it important to teach us the error of our ways. Given the tone and content (and since I'm still feeling a little evil from Halloween), we thought we'd share it with everyone on the list. Respond however you wish, but please be civil. You can refute them point by point. Or send them an essay about evolution. Or even write back how their email has saved your soul from eternal damnation. Be creative!
[From dgodfrey@jayco.net]

Dear Non-Believers,

I don't see how there can't be a God. I mean, how could all of us be an accident? We're all made so uniquiquely! Hold out your hand, palm up. Make a fist and open your hand again. How can you tell me that the way our bodies work is an accident? I don't believe in evolution, but even if we did evolve from something,how would that creature exist? If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? How were the monkeys created, anyway? Atheism contradicts itself in so many ways that it's almost funny. Pray. Tell God you're sorry for your sins and you believe that he sent his son to die for you. Ask him to come into your life and make you a better person. And remember, there aren't going to be any atheists in hell, because by then you'll believe in God, but it'll be to late. Don't put it off. God loves you and wants you to be his child.
Josiah Greene, Ananth Krishna, and Adam Mann, Co-Presidents
Students for A Nonreligious Ethos
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"If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?"
-- dgodfrey@jayco.net

To be removed from this list, simply respond to sane@ocf.berkeley.edu with the subject header "And don't spam them [remove]" and you will be removed immediately.
The letter has to be a prank. God doesn't want anyone to be His child--he wants them to treat others better. At least that's what I received out of liberation theology.

BTW, I find it very delicious that one of the co-presidents of SANE is named after the Hindu version of Christ. God does have a sense of humor!

Was rather bizarre yesterday. Slept only two hours--if that--because I stayed up all night for my parents, who came back from visiting the motherland. Reason I stayed up was because my sister told me they were coming in at three in the morning. Since I was already planning to stay up late playing Texas Hold 'Em with the Boys, decided to wait up for them. When they didn't come at 3, I decided they were probably running into fire-related delays. When I napped for about two hours and awoke at 5:20, they still weren't home. Panicked (in the meanwhile, I dreamnt that someone had stolen two tires from my car), I called the cell-phone of the people my parents were travelling with. My parents informed me that they were in Pomona and would probably honk around six in the morning--the time they were supposed to come at all along.

I've stayed up all night before but only for the right reasons (wink, wink, chicka-bowng-wowng). But if I don't get sleep for stupid reasons like this, my day is ruined. So most of yesterday was spent in a livid stupor, as I drove to Placentia, Irvine, SanTana, and other cities for various reasons. By the time I talked to Dorky Angel, I couldn't even muster enough rancor to amuse her for much time. I was so tired, I didn't even see Enanitos Verdes--and they're one of my all-time faves.

Moral of the story--never listen to your younger sister, especially if she's up late because she's ga-ga over her boyfriend.