A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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terça-feira, novembro 18, 2003

Silly of Me...

Talked to My Dearest Friend after a two-month long hiatus. She's had it rough as of recent, with family medical problems, but she was also in high spirits. I still owe her Felix's, and that will come soon.

And now, a rant...

It is not my fault that I was raised the way I was. Sorry if I came from a poor household that graduated to the lower middle class--that kinda affects your priorities in life, y'know? So the wonderful experience that is travelling must be subsumed by the reality of helping with paying the bills of the house and ensuring that your siblings are on the right track. And not having my own place? Why should I when my presence is needed my house. But, of course, Uds. cannae understand that, being that Uds. come from such a priveleged background--if I remember correctly, none of you have ever worked a real job in your life! Me? Let's see...started around age 11 with my father, spent two summers unloading cargo with a disgusting man who kept wiping his nose and paid me nothing--bastard wouldn't even treat me to lunch. Another summer at an auto shop, then full-time working around my junior year and never stopping, not even for grad school. And Uds.? Sorry, school doesn't count as a job, not when I'm doing it concurrently with a real job, damnit.

So maybe I haven't seen the world. Know what? I don't regret it. And if Uds. can't accept that, well too bloody bad. There's more important things in this world than Portland, y'know?

The above rant was inspired by a recent conversation and repressed memory--God bless the spoiled rich!