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ter├ža-feira, novembro 11, 2003

Those Oldies but Goodies...

Trying to hack out my 3,000 LBC oddyssey, but cannot since it's Veterans Day and the rest of the family does chores and listens to the reprehensible KRTH-FM 101.1. This is the station that'll play "My Girl" at least four times in one day, that has a playlist that cannot be more than 100 songs. This is supposed to be an oldies station, and all you can muster is 100 songs?! Granted, everything recorded in the past is not great by virtue of its age, but the sheer amout of songs out there that KRTH never plays is staggering. For example, they play maybe thirty Beatles songs, nothing from the White Album or Sgt. Pepper's...come on! I could be more articulate in my rage, but I have work right now--and I get to drive up to South Pasadena to interview a band. God bless deadlines!