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quinta-feira, novembro 27, 2003

Ustedes no me Conocen...

Opening line to an old version of "Ojo de Vidrio", the corrido best performed by Los Alegres de Teran. Also serves as an apt lead-in to the following:


I am simple. I understand that sometimes I come off as incredibly complicated and too demanding with certain issues, but I really don't. All I ask is to make yourself available for appearances--nothing else! No marriage, no anything, just seeing each other.

Yet none of you seem to understand. Soonafter comes the criticisms--I'm too much of one thing, too little of another, and not macho enough for others. "You treat me like one of your news stories," went a critique that just passed a couple of hours ago. Or, as another recent case put it, I seem to care more about talking than banging.

Excuse me for being interested in you. "Time is on my Side" went the old Rolling Stones song, and as great as instant attraction is, you do have to know the person a bit before committing your gonads to them, no? No. And so I gravitate again towards the hideous Friend Zone, where women completely emasculate you by openly whining about the dearth of good men available. Well, look at the person who you do the whining to, damnit. Look and you might enjoy. Yeah bloody right.

Now with that rant over...

Was lagged on again. Why even bother? Ate a fabulous dinner yesterday at the Wild Artichoke with Pinochet Apologist, who's in town for the Genocide Day holiday. Celebrated said Genocide Day in Montebello, where I ate too much ham and not enough French roll.

Observation of the day...

I rarely drink soda anymore--and never colas. How very strange.

Criticism of the day...

As stated above, two separate people claim I ask too many questions. Well slag off: want me like any other slovenly fool who lusts solely after your body rather than also your mind and heart? Geesh.


War was illegal after all, according to Richard Perle

Umm, why haven't these comments been leading off every damn newscast and headline in the US of A? Like I need to ask...

Victoria's Secrets sells used thongs

For women who prefer thongs, here's the warning:

Microbiologist Dr. Lori Daane says dangerous bacteria like yeast and ecoli can survive for weeks on lingerie and can be easily transferred. "Given the fact that you can get these organisms on this clothing, especially thong underwear, it's pretty likely you’re going to get some fecal contamination."

Somehow, the derogatory term "butt floss" comes to mind. But when you see a women wearing one...

Klu Klux Klan member shot during initiation ceremony

The most frightening part of the story:

According to Sexton, the youngest participant in the initiation was fourteen years old.

Wacko Canadian politician wants homosexuality criminalized anew

Hoo-boy! Name of the guy is Larry Spencer, Canadian Alliance MP. Here is what he has to say, according to the story...

Spencer said the conspiracy began with a speech by a U.S. gay rights activist in the 1960s whose name he couldn't recall.

"His quote went something like this ... 'We will seduce your sons in the locker rooms, in the gymnasiums, in the hallways, in the playgrounds, and on and on, in this land.'

"It was quite a long quote stating what was going to happen to the young boys of North America."

Spencer said one of the major steps was to encourage followers to enter the ministry of various churches and to infiltrate North America's schools and teaching colleges.

"The activists that organized in those days (encouraged) people of their persuasion to enter into educational fields, and to do this with the feeling of a mission, you know, of going out there as pioneers in a -- quote-- human rights area, and I think they were successful as we've seen."


"At some of those [gay liberation] conventions in those days [1960s] it was discussed what some of those approaches would be, and one of the things that's happened is they've infiltrated the education systems of North America, in particular the education systems that prepare educational people. In other words, teachers."


Enough for now--time to pick up sister from work.