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quarta-feira, dezembro 31, 2003

Should All Aquaintance Be Forgot...

And thus 2003 ends on a disconnected note, as I vainly search for a story and refuse to talk to those I know.

I'm actually not as depressed as I make myself out to be--the work is fine, the Simpsons bring pleasure, and last night's dinner with Brick Wall was wonderful. She just rolled her eyes in see-I-told-you-so pain when I recounted the events of the past month. A true friend.

Being that I'm spending my New Year's Eve at home catching up on my New Yorkers and taking care of the kids while my parents and sisters enjoy themselves immensely (what else is new?), I'll later on post my choices for the top Latin alternative albums of 2003. You know you've hit the skids when you're writing stories no one will read but yourself. And you know what? I don't care.

Amuse yourself: click here to view the weirdest stories to come out of Florida this year. Readers of this infernal blog know that Florida is the place to be for the ridiculously bizarre. Enjoy!

terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2003

Am supposed to have dinner tonight at L'Hirondelle with Brick Wall--read the upcoming story about our soiree in next week's Rag! Outside of that, work--and forced isolation.

If you want to talk to me, I suggest you contact me via email--that's what Brick Wall did. But I'm keeping my phone unplugged for the foreseeable future. I'm rather sick of society right now and am thinking of going the Garbo route. If you actually get in contact with me, I'll talk--of course I'll talk. In fact, if you do get in contact with me, it's most likely that you are a treasured part of my life. And there's the rub.

domingo, dezembro 28, 2003

Thank you for the car mats, Dorky Angel. Much appreciated.

Curse everything else. I'm about as joyless as one can be right now--vacillations are the most accursed phenomena of romance.

sábado, dezembro 27, 2003

I don't even like Ron Dayne...

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

sexta-feira, dezembro 26, 2003

Patience, gentle hippie. Patience.

quarta-feira, dezembro 24, 2003

Sad Girl...

Work was uneventful except for the pick. And Raunchy Protestant gave me the gift of my dreams. On that note, I bid adieu to you.
A particularly history-filled day...

Dec 24 1865

Southern whitefolk unite together to form a service organization wherein they consort with other southern whitefolk. Members participate in festive cruciform fire ceremonies and lively negro butcherings. By the 1920's membership in the Ku Klux Klan reaches an astonishing 2 million.

Dec 24 1954

Rock musician Johnny Ace plays a little .45 calibre solitaire (Russian Roulette) at City Auditorium in Houston after a concert. Blammo. He thought it would impress his girlfriend, perhaps it did.

Dec 24 1985

Fidel Castro announces that he has given up cigars.

Dec 24 1989

Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega seeks asylum at the Papal Nunciature. American troops try blasting him with rock music and the sounds of rabbits being slaughtered, but he takes two weeks to emerge. The isthmus groundhog does not see his shadow and is taken by the US Army to Florida lockup where he still resides.

Dec 24 1997

It is revealed that actor Woody Allen (age 62) was married to his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn (age 27) in Venice, Italy yesterday. She becomes her own stepmother, and Woody his own neurotic son in law.

terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2003

I need to get up earlier--6 a.m. simply isn't cutting it for me anymore.
Piensa en Mi...

Dorky Angel was sad yesterday, but now she is better. Thank goodness.

LovelyMoFo was her usual witty self today at dinner at El Fortin. One problem, however: they took off my review of the damn restaurant! Every time I take someone new to the place, I always point out my article. Now it is not there. On a food-related note, the folks at Cha Thai sent me a Christmas card. What kind folks--no wonder I patronize that place about once a month.

Raunchy Protestant did not call--should I be surprised?

Need to call G of the Fabulous G Sisters to let her know my Christmas present. In the meanwhile, accompanied her, her sister A, and the Fabulous R Sisters (I know way too many beautiful sisters that have no romantic interest in me whatsover) to Saturday's great Kinky show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Had a lot of fun, but had to sit down because of The Injury.

Am definitely still staggering--no one is letting me live it down. And no one should.


Kinky, the only group of men that I'll admit to checking out.

Per Josue Noriega of Hip-Hop Hoodios...

My favorite line:

"And though I’m a breeder, fuck if I didn’t catch myself checking out each fashion-spread-handsome member. Pliego, puffing away at a cigarette while wearing a black tejana that hid his eyes just so, emoted the smoldering sexuality of a young Brando while wielding his bass like the largest penis since Johnny Wadd’s."

I confess to having checked that bassist out myself, and last time I checked I too was a breeder. Thanks for helping to re-affirm my heterosexuality! Ja Ja Ja.....

Ah, homophobia!

The crazy happenings of the Santa Ana Unified School District--TV giveaways and wacky principals!

Love doing these stories--but why can't they happen in Anaheim?

Amazing Gujarati grub at Rasthal Vegetarian Cuisine in Anaheim.

Went with...let's call her Rosary, both because she's Catholic, attended Rosary High, and is pretty darn nice. Good times!

But now, Rotten.com history!

Dec 23 1968

The first US incident of motion sickness in orbit. Was it Borman, Lovell, or Anders?

Dec 23 1985

Raymond Belknap shoots himself through the chin with a shotgun, over the music of Judas Priest. The dumbshit lives, but it destroyed his face. He used his disfigurement to his advantage, terrorizing small children on his bicycle. Raymond's parents filed suit against the band, but a judge rejected the argument of subliminal messages. Belknap died from painkillers on Thanksgiving three years later.

Dec 23 1997

Mayor Craig Johnson of Snow Hill, MD is arrested on two counts of misconduct in office, after he allows the squad car issued to him to be photographed for a pornographic Internet website "Wetlands". One of the pictures shows Cherie Messner, wife of the Wetlands operator, apparently urinating on the squad car in question.

domingo, dezembro 21, 2003

El Pelotero...

Went to the doctor today after pain in my groin wouldn't subsist. Doctor said everything is fine, although she probably thought I was a moron for the way I slammed into a vacuum cleaner. Such a graceful chap, I am!

The day was spent fretting whether I'd be castrated--I never get ill, but when I do, I imagine the worst in everything. Before I went off the hypochondriac diving board, had a wonderful lunch at Rasthal Vegetarian Cuisine with...what can we name her? She shall receive a name later--in the meanwhile, Rotten.com history!

Dec 21 1971

Former Nazi Kurt Waldheim chosen to serve as United Nations Secretary General, the fourth to serve in that position (but the first Nazi). He paves the way for a New World Order.

Dec 21 1975

Terrorist Carlos the Jackal takes hostage the 11 oil ministers at an OPEC meeting in Vienna. The ministers are released after a ransom is paid, and Carlos escapes. The Jackal is not captured until he enters a Sudanese hospital in 1994 for a testicle operation.

Dec 21 2012

The Mayan "long count" calendar is based on great cycles of 5125 years, the current cycle ending on this day in 2012. Endings of cycles are punctuated by cataclysmic singularities on a deluge scale, so be prepared. This is the end of time!

I've been hearing about this last point for about the last decade. It rather annoys me--multiculturalism run apocalyptically amok. Why should we give the predictions of the Mayans any more credence than that of Western religion? Oh, wait--it's 'cause the Mayans have one of the most accurate calendars in human history. I think I'll spend my 2012 Dec. 21 in the throes of ecstasy.

sábado, dezembro 20, 2003

The Bells of St. Mary...

I share a bunk bed with my younger brother; I occupy the upper level. The ladder leading to my floor broke a long time ago, so I usually have to fling myself up at night and jump off in the morning.

There's a metal bar to the left side of my bed--to ensure my rolling-over, I guess (but that would never happen. I once conducted an experiment by sleeping on a bench we have in our backyard one blistering summer night. The bench was as narrow as a plank. I never rolled off). I use the bar as support whenever I do disembark from the bed.

Today, it broke. As I put all my weight on the bar in order to ensure maximum flight, I subsequently fell to the left of my bed, where standing was our vacuum cleaner. The handle of the vacuum cleaner quickly met the most precious parts of my groin.

I crawled back into bed ready to vomit. The pain is annoyingly intense.

sexta-feira, dezembro 19, 2003

You Must Remember This...

Finally met Petty Burger yesterday at the Gypsy Den in SanTana. A new dear friend is made. But where was the bottle of sangrita?

In the meanwhile, ruegen por mi, todos--I need a bit of luck.

More details to come...

quinta-feira, dezembro 18, 2003

Too much writing to write here, so...

Dec 18 1843

According to our usually sketchy sources, Keith Richards, guitarist for the Rolling Stones and arguably the oldest man on earth, is 160 years old today.

quarta-feira, dezembro 17, 2003

Our American heroes courtesy of Daily Rotten...

There is only one danger in the world-- that is the yellow danger. China and Japan are really bound together against the white race. There could only have been one efficient weapon against this alliance... Germany." --Charles Lindbergh

terça-feira, dezembro 16, 2003

I Like the Way you Move...

I'm suffering through one of my writing insecurity sessions again--someone reassure me my writing is crucial to the survival of humanity!

There's nothing really to report--oh yes, Chastisty of the LovelyMoFos won my previous contest by identifying the lyric I cited as a title to a blog entry as being "Love or Let me Be Lonely" by the Friends of Distinction. Great group--need to find the CD. As a reward, I'm treating Chastity to lunch/dinner at El Fortin--she will be another convert to the Oaxacan way.

I have articles this week--too annoyed to post them, so find 'em!

If you read this infernal blog...tell me who you are. Email this cat--I won't be too scoffing!
Just to clarify...

The menacing welcome below was meant for a public figure--you know who you are. Anyone else who hasn't read this infernal blog in a while (and I know there are some of you, as my Orwellian abilities reveal)...bom dia, boa noite, o qualquier tempo voce lei meus pensamentos!

segunda-feira, dezembro 15, 2003

My forearm hurts for some bizarre reason--maybe because I'm not typing enough and thus it's in the initial stages of atrophy?

Would write more, but Simpsons is on in about two minutes.

In other news...glad to have you back reading! Where were you for a while? Told ya I'm hard to get out of your system--I'm the most benevolent vine you'll ever encounter!

domingo, dezembro 14, 2003

Sorry for lagging. Won't happen again.

sábado, dezembro 13, 2003

I Could Live without Love if I Wanted to...

A free dinner if you can guess what song am I referencing!

Ate dinner today with the folks from Son del Centro. Took them to Van Hanh Vegetarian Restaurant--let me tell you, I now have respect for vegan cooks.

Other than that--oh wait, enjoyed some fabulous cooking at the party of an intern for the Rag. Great time, most of it spent with a lovely lady. No other comment on that--damn ethics get in the way.
Curse circumstances!

sexta-feira, dezembro 12, 2003

What a great damn week! May it never happen again.

quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2003

Let's see if this madness works...

You are Phlegmatic. You have a peace-loving
nature, and make a good listener and a faithful
friend. You do have a tendency to be selfish
and stubborn in your worst moments, and your
worrying can lean towards paranoia. Phlegmatics
should consider careers as accountants,
diplomats, engineers, and administrators. You
are a somewhat reluctant leader, but your
practicality and steady nerve under pressure
makes you a natural choice for leadership

Which of the Humours are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Cero y Uno...

While running at the gym today (yes! I actually did some sort of physical activity), I was looking at the three televisions they had. One was tuned to a car chase, another features a 48 Hours special on maimed American soldiers, and the last television had a wedding.

I first watched the car chase, if only because when I first laid my eyes upon it, I saw a cop try to crash into the car. When that pursuit ended about 10 minutes later, I then paid attention to the CBS special. It seemed a bit interesting, although there was too much crying for my own taste (side note: I have nothing against crying at all--I just think it's a personal moment that shouldn't be captured by national cameras).

But what I kept turning to was that wedding special on ABC. It was a mockery of all I believe in. Although I couldn't hear the audio, the television showing it had captions. A good-looking man acted as priest, although I'm sure his theological credentials were suspect. He had the bride and groom pour sand into a vase, with "neutral sand first to show that this wedding is on an equal setting." Blech.

Most insulting, however, was when the priest was about to read the vows and then alerted the couple that this was the most ancient part of the ceremony. Really? Geez, I would never have figured (I'm sorry, I can be more sarcastic but am recovering from the 24-hour flu). I nearly threw up after seeing that and made a mental note not to see ABC for the foreseeable future.

I am a strange neo-Luddite, I am.

In other words...I'm a dork! More details to come...

terça-feira, dezembro 09, 2003

Couldn't have put it better meself--my choice is in bold...

What's your opinion of Burning Man?
hey, naked men, can't complain
white people fetishizing primitivism, can you get more bourgeois? I like the toys, but I'll pass on the rhetoric
nobody comes to my theme camps...
my partner went one year, but I couldn't get the time off work
burning what?
my opinion? well which year are we talking...
I am starting my own gathering... it will be called 'burning marmoset'
Rotten.com history of Boston excerpts...

15 Jan 1919 The molasses holding tank of the United States Alcohol Company explodes, sending two million gallons of crude molasses down Commercial Street in the North End of Boston. While hilarious on the surface, 21 people are drowned in the molasses, over a dozen horses are lost, an elevated train platform collapses, and an entire firehouse is pushed on its side. 125 lawsuits are filed, resulting in over a million dollars in damages.

1984 New Kids on the Block (later NKOTB) formed. Created by Maurice Starr and Mary Alford by auditioning 500 Boston-area teens. Intended by Starr to be a white version of New Edition, a band Starr had lost control of in 1983. The band goes on to mar the musical landscape until 1994, when the group disbands.

12 Jun 1989 The Boston Hard Rock Cafe (#17) opens on Clarendon Street in the Back Bay. It dubs itself the "Massachusetts Institute of Rock", conveniently forgetting the existence of the Berklee School of Music, an institute where Rock is in fact taught, sans expensive meals.

Some London history...

12 Sep 1878 The magnificent phallic symbol Cleopatra's Needle is erected in London on the bank of the Thames. It doesn't really have anything to do with Cleopatra. The obelisk has a twin in New York's Central Park, also named Cleopatra's Needle. It has nothing to do with Cleopatra, either.

17 Aug 1896 Bridget Driscoll, a 44-year-old mother of two, becomes the world's first automobile fatality when she steps in front of a car outside the Crystal Palace in London. At the coroner's inquest, Arthur Edsall states he had been driving at only 4 mph. The motorist also claims that when he saw the pedestrian, he rang his bell and shouted "Stand back!" For whatever reason, the coroner accepts Edsall's preposterous story.

22 Jun 1969 Judy Garland dies of a barbiturate overdose in her London apartment, either by accident or suicide. Quote from Judy: "When I die I have visions of fags singing 'Over the Rainbow' and the flag at Fire Island being flown at half mast."

14 May 1976 Keith Relf, former vocalist of the Yardbirds, is electrocuted in his London home while either tuning or playing a guitar belonging to either him or his son, in either the basement or the bathtub. Details are sort of sketchy, resulting from the family's reticence to describe the death scene.

10 Jul 1984 British customs officials in London open a large wooden crate marked "diplomatic baggage" because of its extremely odd odor. Inside they discover Alhaji Umaru Dikko, Nigeria's former Minister of Transport and Aviation. He had been abducted, drugged, and bound for Nigeria to face trial for embezzlement.

Now Los Angeles!

8 Feb 1915 D.W. Griffith's film The Birth of a Nation debuts in theaters. It is partially based on the stage play The Clansman, An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, the title on the marquee at the Los Angeles premiere is The Clansman. The three-hour film becomes an overnight sensation, and inspires thousands of honkies to join the KKK.

1939 All maintenance stops on the HOLLYWOODLAND sign because, well, war, man.

1940 Mexicans become largest ethnic group in Los Angeles.

1 Jun 1943 Zootsuit riots, between zoot suiters and sailors. Time Magazine called it "the ugliest brand of mob action since the coolie race riot of the 1870's."

17 Jul 1955 Disneyland opens in Anaheim, California. In the words of Walt Disney, "That place is my baby, and I would prostitute myself for it."

24 Jul 1993 After a game in Los Angeles, New York Mets outfielder Vince Coleman tosses an M-100 firecracker at a crowd of baseball fans in Dodger Stadium's parking lot. The firework injures three children waiting for autographs, including two-year-old Amanda Santos. Coleman spends 200 hours performing community service and the rest of the year not playing professional baseball.

29 May 1999 Hikers discover the skeletal remains of Philip "Taylor" in his Ford Aerostar at the bottom of a 200-foot ravine in Malibu, California. The onetime bassist for the band Iron Butterfly had disappeared four years prior.

And some random points...

5 Aug 2003 National Coalition for the Homeless ranks Las Vegas as the Meanest City for the Homeless.

26 Jun 1945 The United Nations Charter is signed at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House, paving the world for the New World Order. Aim for the blue helmets, everyone!
I'm bloody ill--is my cast-iron stomach finally showing some rust?

segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2003

El Circo de Sinaloa...

Enjoyed Love, Actually yesterday with Dorky Angel, whom I hadn't seen in too long. But when will I see her again.

Am being frustrated again by the same people who cause me endless frustration--I think it's time I move to Tierra de Fuego. Then again...

Eh, I'm disgusted right now--and it's partly because of what I ate! I think I'm suffering from food poisoning!
From Ryan Gattis regarding my Naked Jesus story...

Oh man. I don't know aboot no priest sex crimes but I think it's cool that
Jesus was depicted in a state of erection. I mean, he was human. He was
bound to have become aroused from time to time. Don't get me wrong, it's
fuck'n weird that he's saluting whilst bein crucified...that is fucked up
and Sadean but what can you do?

Still, the church needs to honor the sacred and holy erection. I reckon if
they had a more adult attitude to it, a lot of this shit wouldn't be
happenin' in the first place. Por ejemplo, the papal land grab edict (1000
or so years ago?) that is STILL the root of why priests are supposed to be
celibate. But you and I both know what happens when one is spiritually
'forced' to be celibate, yeah, that's right, the movie 'Happiness'.

My response...

As for the celibacy thing...I'm actually for it, but it depends on what you want your holy men to do. If you want them to serve the people, then they should bang all they want. But if the intent of joining the priesthood is to draw yourself closer to God, then you should devote yourself completely and battle worldly needs. All holy men do this, whether Buddhist monks, Hindu sadhus, or shamans from time to time. Then again, there are the orgy-obsessed Wiccans...
Some Rotten.com history...

Dec 8 1854
Pius IX promulgates the doctrine of Immaculate Conception, that the Virgin Mary is free from original sin. Later, she achieves permanent fame when despite of her marriage, she gets knocked up by God.

Dec 7 1995

Disgruntled postal employee John Pitney arrives at his Denver workplace in a dress and is placed on administrative leave. Pitney returns later that day in the same dress but sporting a strap-on dildo and gorilla mask. He is arrested. God bless America and God bless the US Postal Service.
If love were as easy as the love in Love, Actually, this blog would be rather insipid, que nao?

Johnny Arthur once told me he finds it comforting that I'm always burned on the romantic end--means that my righteuous-anger candle will continue to burn brightly. Yeah, I guess.

sábado, dezembro 06, 2003

I'm telling you, I don't make these letters up...

Hello. I recently stumbled upon the jouranlistic gems you write for the various publications listed on your website. I must say that I am impressed with your ability to spin a yarn from something as mundane as watching porn. Furthermore the cultural idiosynchracies have been captured in ways I could never articulate and I find myself reffering others to your website in order to gain insight into our polymorphous culture.

Your politics are a little left of mine but I'm sure they will be tempered with time. You are no doubt on the cusp of something greater than yourself.

The ability to be a spokesman for an underrepresented segment of society.

My response...

Thank you for the extremely flattering words regarding my articles, although I must admit I laughed when you predicted my politics will be tempered over time. Yes, I'm a committed leftist, but if you read my articles (I'm not sure which ones you have read other than my porn piece), you'll discover I'm rather idiosyncratic in my ideology. I've been called a Chicano nationalist and a vendido, a conservative that supports racism and someone who wants to bring down America, a troglodyte and a progressive. In other words, I'm human.

sexta-feira, dezembro 05, 2003

Full Rotten.com entry on R. Budd Dwyer

"If this will offend you, please leave the room. Stay away, this thing will hurt someone." With those words, Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer blew his fucking brains out on national TV to avoid being convicted of accepting bribes. Ratings were through the roof as a room full of media cameras filmed brain chunk splattery and shredded-sinus gushery for three full minutes; and that's just the footage rotten.com has access to. 14 years later and this footage is still known as "the most hardcore video that shitty rock bands [e.g., Filter] can play to shock their audiences". Shock-rock bands or websites that are looking to go that extra mile are encouraged to explore the "NAUGHTY VIDEO" collection at the Rotten store. Find out how desensitized you *really* are. Discounts for customers who saw Dwyer live on TV when they were kids [P.S. this makes you "different"]!

I've actually seen this footage thanks to a ripoff of the Faces of Death series. It actually disturbed me.
Funny comment on Rotten.com's entry onSacco and Vanzetti

23 Aug 1977 Governor Michael Dukakis proclaims "Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti Day." Fun for the whole family!
Ay, yi, yi, yi, Ingrata...


A week crammed with writing, falsas promesas de amor, smacks with watches, and ampollas. The highlights...

Emerging from the pit at the Cafe Tacuba show yesterday at JC Fandango covered with the sweat of others.

Rather disgusting, yes. But when you're bouncing around to "Las Persianas" or "La Chica Banda" with strangers you only meet at concerts, suddenly all the problems of the planet goes away with each mosh. I stayed in the pit through the entire concert and G of the Fabulous G Sisters remarked that I looked happier than I had in a long time. What a sweetheart.

Treating Fellow UCLAer to the wonders of Mariscos Licenciado #2.

She had the tostada de ceviche. I had the aguachile. She confessed that she's still not over her boyfriend. I grimaced--and it just wasn't the nuclear sourness and spiciness of my molcajete.

Dinner at the Wild Artichoke with Raunchy Protestant.

And we're pissed at each other again! Ah, ambiguity!

A couple of other things here and there, but my pockets hurt.

quinta-feira, dezembro 04, 2003

When it rains, it pours.

Funny history!

Dec 4 1930
Rhythm method accepted by the Vatican as an approved method of birth control. Does the pope wear a condom?

Dec 4 1978

Dianne Feinstein named mayor of San Francisco after the assassination of Mayor Moscone, jumpstarting her otherwise pathetic political career. The pro-censorship bitch is now a US Senator, and carries a handgun for protection while campaigning to prohibit others from doing so.

Dec 4 1988

Actor Gary Busey seriously injured in a near-fatal motorcycle crash, which he states also caused an out-of-body experience. Busey was not wearing his helmet, but after the accident told the press he would continue pursuing his out-of-helmet experiences. [Update 1997: Busey had a nose tumor, found God, and now wears a helmet.]

And a chronology of America's most fucked-up city...

Cincinnati, OH
The most Puritan city in America, not nearly as fun as WKRP depicted it.

1788 Cincinnati founded, named after the Society of Cincinnatus (and indirectly, after Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, 5th c. BC Roman farmer and general, who, after being called to war and serving valiantly, returned to his farm.)

1829 Race riot in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1861 The Peepshow patented by Samuel Goodale of Cincinnati.

3 Dec 1890 Isaac Jordan, the U.S. Congressional Representative from the great state of Ohio, dies after an interesting elevator accident in Cincinnati.

9 Oct 1919 The Cincinnati Reds win the World Series, but only because key Chicago White Sox ballplayers agreed to throw the series for $100,000 in bribes.

12 Nov 1934 Charles Manson born in Cincinnati.

1971 Newly elected Sheriff, Simon Leis begins a crusade against pornography, attacking adult bookstores, massage parlors, and x-rated theaters. Those not prosecuted were hounded out of town.

Nov 1976 Future talk show host Jerry Springer elected Mayor of Cincinnati.

1977 Larry Flynt and his brother Jimmy tried for obscenity by the City of Cincinnati. Larry was convicted and Jimmy found not guilty.

18 Sep 1978 Television show, WKRP in Cincinnati, runs until 1982.

3 Dec 1979 At Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, eleven concertgoers variously aged 15 to 27 years are trampled and suffocated trying to get in to see The Who. Insufficient exits were available, and a request by police to open more was ignored.

1990 The Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and curator Dennis Barrie charged with obscenity over a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit of 175 photographs.

5 Oct 1990 Mapplethorpe obscenity case ends with a not guilty jury verdict.

2 Feb 1993 Marge Schott, owner of the Cincinnati Reds, suspended from Baseball for one year after making repeated racio-ethnic slurs.

1995 Barnes and Noble prosecuted for obscenity, after selling a copy of lesbian periodical Libido to an eleven-year-old girl. It is later determined that the girl's father asked her to purchase the periodical in order to bring about a prosecution. Charges are eventually dropped.

10 May 1999 Larry Flynt tried for obscenity by the City of Cincinnati over the matter of videotapes sold from the Hustler store.

27 May 2000 Film Dirty Pictures documents Cincinnati's war on the Mapplethorpe exhibit.

9 Apr 2001 Race riot in Cincinnati, Ohio.

30 Nov 2003 A 350 pound black man, Nathaniel Jones, dies after an aggressive police beating which is videotaped and widely aired.

quarta-feira, dezembro 03, 2003

Was I just played for a cad???
Patience, patience--large entry coming soon. Just have been rather busy catching perps. Just one anecdote--I received an obscenely large amount of cash in the mail--and called the cutter of the check to make sure they weren't mistaken. I shouldn't be so moral sometimes...in the meantime, here's some Rotten.com history...

Dec 3 1968

Elvis makes a comeback! Only slightly chunkier than in the old days, everyone thought he was a has-been. Elvis sure showed them.

Dec 3 1974

Civil aviation authorities in England issue a warning to pilots to avoid a 40 foot long inflated pig. The aeropork had escaped its tether during a Pink Floyd photo shoot. Radar contact was lost at 18,000 feet. [At this time, the sex of the pig was indeterminate. Later, oversized male genitalia are attached.]

Dec 1 1997

A high school student in Paducah, Kentucky opens fire on fellow students during a prayer service. The 14-year-old freshman student was armed with a .22-caliber Lugar handgun and earplugs. Two Bible thumpers are killed, the rest are only injured.

segunda-feira, dezembro 01, 2003

My bloody mouth aches badly--is this what I deserve for my blasphemous fingers?

BTW, there's nothing more romantic in this world than hiding out from a murderous father at the quinceanera of a stranger and eating birria to kill time. Just an observation rather than experience...