A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, dezembro 20, 2003

The Bells of St. Mary...

I share a bunk bed with my younger brother; I occupy the upper level. The ladder leading to my floor broke a long time ago, so I usually have to fling myself up at night and jump off in the morning.

There's a metal bar to the left side of my bed--to ensure my rolling-over, I guess (but that would never happen. I once conducted an experiment by sleeping on a bench we have in our backyard one blistering summer night. The bench was as narrow as a plank. I never rolled off). I use the bar as support whenever I do disembark from the bed.

Today, it broke. As I put all my weight on the bar in order to ensure maximum flight, I subsequently fell to the left of my bed, where standing was our vacuum cleaner. The handle of the vacuum cleaner quickly met the most precious parts of my groin.

I crawled back into bed ready to vomit. The pain is annoyingly intense.