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quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2003

Cero y Uno...

While running at the gym today (yes! I actually did some sort of physical activity), I was looking at the three televisions they had. One was tuned to a car chase, another features a 48 Hours special on maimed American soldiers, and the last television had a wedding.

I first watched the car chase, if only because when I first laid my eyes upon it, I saw a cop try to crash into the car. When that pursuit ended about 10 minutes later, I then paid attention to the CBS special. It seemed a bit interesting, although there was too much crying for my own taste (side note: I have nothing against crying at all--I just think it's a personal moment that shouldn't be captured by national cameras).

But what I kept turning to was that wedding special on ABC. It was a mockery of all I believe in. Although I couldn't hear the audio, the television showing it had captions. A good-looking man acted as priest, although I'm sure his theological credentials were suspect. He had the bride and groom pour sand into a vase, with "neutral sand first to show that this wedding is on an equal setting." Blech.

Most insulting, however, was when the priest was about to read the vows and then alerted the couple that this was the most ancient part of the ceremony. Really? Geez, I would never have figured (I'm sorry, I can be more sarcastic but am recovering from the 24-hour flu). I nearly threw up after seeing that and made a mental note not to see ABC for the foreseeable future.

I am a strange neo-Luddite, I am.

In other words...I'm a dork! More details to come...