A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, dezembro 21, 2003

El Pelotero...

Went to the doctor today after pain in my groin wouldn't subsist. Doctor said everything is fine, although she probably thought I was a moron for the way I slammed into a vacuum cleaner. Such a graceful chap, I am!

The day was spent fretting whether I'd be castrated--I never get ill, but when I do, I imagine the worst in everything. Before I went off the hypochondriac diving board, had a wonderful lunch at Rasthal Vegetarian Cuisine with...what can we name her? She shall receive a name later--in the meanwhile, Rotten.com history!

Dec 21 1971

Former Nazi Kurt Waldheim chosen to serve as United Nations Secretary General, the fourth to serve in that position (but the first Nazi). He paves the way for a New World Order.

Dec 21 1975

Terrorist Carlos the Jackal takes hostage the 11 oil ministers at an OPEC meeting in Vienna. The ministers are released after a ransom is paid, and Carlos escapes. The Jackal is not captured until he enters a Sudanese hospital in 1994 for a testicle operation.

Dec 21 2012

The Mayan "long count" calendar is based on great cycles of 5125 years, the current cycle ending on this day in 2012. Endings of cycles are punctuated by cataclysmic singularities on a deluge scale, so be prepared. This is the end of time!

I've been hearing about this last point for about the last decade. It rather annoys me--multiculturalism run apocalyptically amok. Why should we give the predictions of the Mayans any more credence than that of Western religion? Oh, wait--it's 'cause the Mayans have one of the most accurate calendars in human history. I think I'll spend my 2012 Dec. 21 in the throes of ecstasy.