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segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2003

From Ryan Gattis regarding my Naked Jesus story...

Oh man. I don't know aboot no priest sex crimes but I think it's cool that
Jesus was depicted in a state of erection. I mean, he was human. He was
bound to have become aroused from time to time. Don't get me wrong, it's
fuck'n weird that he's saluting whilst bein crucified...that is fucked up
and Sadean but what can you do?

Still, the church needs to honor the sacred and holy erection. I reckon if
they had a more adult attitude to it, a lot of this shit wouldn't be
happenin' in the first place. Por ejemplo, the papal land grab edict (1000
or so years ago?) that is STILL the root of why priests are supposed to be
celibate. But you and I both know what happens when one is spiritually
'forced' to be celibate, yeah, that's right, the movie 'Happiness'.

My response...

As for the celibacy thing...I'm actually for it, but it depends on what you want your holy men to do. If you want them to serve the people, then they should bang all they want. But if the intent of joining the priesthood is to draw yourself closer to God, then you should devote yourself completely and battle worldly needs. All holy men do this, whether Buddhist monks, Hindu sadhus, or shamans from time to time. Then again, there are the orgy-obsessed Wiccans...