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terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2003

Piensa en Mi...

Dorky Angel was sad yesterday, but now she is better. Thank goodness.

LovelyMoFo was her usual witty self today at dinner at El Fortin. One problem, however: they took off my review of the damn restaurant! Every time I take someone new to the place, I always point out my article. Now it is not there. On a food-related note, the folks at Cha Thai sent me a Christmas card. What kind folks--no wonder I patronize that place about once a month.

Raunchy Protestant did not call--should I be surprised?

Need to call G of the Fabulous G Sisters to let her know my Christmas present. In the meanwhile, accompanied her, her sister A, and the Fabulous R Sisters (I know way too many beautiful sisters that have no romantic interest in me whatsover) to Saturday's great Kinky show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Had a lot of fun, but had to sit down because of The Injury.

Am definitely still staggering--no one is letting me live it down. And no one should.


Kinky, the only group of men that I'll admit to checking out.

Per Josue Noriega of Hip-Hop Hoodios...

My favorite line:

"And though I’m a breeder, fuck if I didn’t catch myself checking out each fashion-spread-handsome member. Pliego, puffing away at a cigarette while wearing a black tejana that hid his eyes just so, emoted the smoldering sexuality of a young Brando while wielding his bass like the largest penis since Johnny Wadd’s."

I confess to having checked that bassist out myself, and last time I checked I too was a breeder. Thanks for helping to re-affirm my heterosexuality! Ja Ja Ja.....

Ah, homophobia!

The crazy happenings of the Santa Ana Unified School District--TV giveaways and wacky principals!

Love doing these stories--but why can't they happen in Anaheim?

Amazing Gujarati grub at Rasthal Vegetarian Cuisine in Anaheim.

Went with...let's call her Rosary, both because she's Catholic, attended Rosary High, and is pretty darn nice. Good times!

But now, Rotten.com history!

Dec 23 1968

The first US incident of motion sickness in orbit. Was it Borman, Lovell, or Anders?

Dec 23 1985

Raymond Belknap shoots himself through the chin with a shotgun, over the music of Judas Priest. The dumbshit lives, but it destroyed his face. He used his disfigurement to his advantage, terrorizing small children on his bicycle. Raymond's parents filed suit against the band, but a judge rejected the argument of subliminal messages. Belknap died from painkillers on Thanksgiving three years later.

Dec 23 1997

Mayor Craig Johnson of Snow Hill, MD is arrested on two counts of misconduct in office, after he allows the squad car issued to him to be photographed for a pornographic Internet website "Wetlands". One of the pictures shows Cherie Messner, wife of the Wetlands operator, apparently urinating on the squad car in question.