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quarta-feira, dezembro 31, 2003

Should All Aquaintance Be Forgot...

And thus 2003 ends on a disconnected note, as I vainly search for a story and refuse to talk to those I know.

I'm actually not as depressed as I make myself out to be--the work is fine, the Simpsons bring pleasure, and last night's dinner with Brick Wall was wonderful. She just rolled her eyes in see-I-told-you-so pain when I recounted the events of the past month. A true friend.

Being that I'm spending my New Year's Eve at home catching up on my New Yorkers and taking care of the kids while my parents and sisters enjoy themselves immensely (what else is new?), I'll later on post my choices for the top Latin alternative albums of 2003. You know you've hit the skids when you're writing stories no one will read but yourself. And you know what? I don't care.

Amuse yourself: click here to view the weirdest stories to come out of Florida this year. Readers of this infernal blog know that Florida is the place to be for the ridiculously bizarre. Enjoy!


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