A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, janeiro 01, 2004

Always nice to be used as a reference point in trying to promote a band. In this case, the organizors used my review of Bersuit Vergarabat, both my band overview and CD review of De la Cabeza... Just one question: what the bloody 'ell are they doing performing in Raleigh?!

Another thing about Bersuit--the Los Angeles Times mentioned in their year-end soccer recap that one player for an English squad claimed sickness so that he could miss his game. Later on in the night, though, according to the Times account, he was caught rocking to the "heavy metal band Bersuit."

I'm not mentioning this to poke fun at the lack of Latin alternative knowledge of the Times writer but rather to point out how friggin' nuts Bersuit is. When I last saw them at a packed JC Fandango, half of the crowd was shaking their bodies against each other with skimpy clothes while the others moshed with the best of them. At the end, about 50 people were on top of the JC Fandango stage, giving lead singer Gustavo Cordero quite a scare. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. May they visit our region again.