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sábado, janeiro 17, 2004

Auld Lang Syne Redux...

Know how people say a new year is the time to start anew and move on? Well, in the space of the last two days, I have been presented with such an opportunity, as the two options I pined for throughout 2003 have now closed.

You know what I'm talking about. And I am existential once more!

Here's some Rotten.com history to liven up your day...

Jan 17 1961

President Eisenhower warns us of the evils of the "military industrial complex". Did we listen carefully enough?

By far, one of the most chilling observations in American history--done on television, no less. This is General Ike, the man who led the Allied Forces during WWII, telling his country to beware his former employer. And the question posed by the Rotten.com people is correct--why don't more people heed his warning? Oh, right: because all the companies that fall under the military-industrial complex category--Boeing, Northrup, etc.--gave its workers a middle-class life. Ah, America!