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sábado, janeiro 10, 2004

Float On...

From Ryan Gattis...

Ah, reading the food article has reminded what I like so much aboot your writing...you are always squeezing yourself in there and making it aboot more than just the piece. I like that. Surely though, a Marie Antoinette joke about headlessness could've been had? Eating cake? No? I know, I know, don't call you Shirley. And honestly, don't knock the (lack of) 'eloquence'. Normal people like that "creamy" stuff. Believe it or not, your rhapsodizing can seem a bit bloated. You I dig it, I'm just sayin'.

Diocese Report: shit! That tagline on that image is crass, brova! I love it. But all the same, a philandering child-loving priest is got to be detail-obsessed enough not to send Timmy home with his drawers on backward. Um, one would think.

My response...

As always, thanks for the kudos. Honestly, I never thought about the Marie Antoinette joke, perhaps because I considered the restaurant more Belgian than French. Perhaps a joke on the underachieving Red Devils would've been more apt? As for bloated rhapsodies...hey, all the wish-they-were-great writers must constantly ride on their high horse, no?

And for all you people who aren't condemned to my Shameless Self-Promotion list for eternity, this is what I've been up to...

L'Hirondelle, a Belgian/French San Juan Capistrano eatery review.

In the course of the review, I discuss Walloon/Flemish antagonisms, my rotten luck with women, and Bambi!

Niko's Restaurant in Fullerton

The Norm-iest diner outside of Norm's.

Some skewed abuse numbers via the Orange County Catholic Church

Further condemning myself to purgatory. Remember: that's worse than hell in the Catholic universe.

My father hates illegal immigrants--never mind that he himself was one.

I'm going to read that one for NPR come Monday on the show Day to Day. Wanna hear me? Tune in to KPCC-FM 89.3 at 9am or KCRW-FM 89.9 at noon. I'll be close to leading each broadcast!