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quarta-feira, janeiro 07, 2004

For it's One, Two, Three Strikes: You're Out!

I was never much of a Pete Rose fan--I dug his passion and his car-crash collision against Ray Fosse. But I never considered him an excellent player, hits record notwithstanding. And now his extremely belated admission that he betted on sports only proves that the man is a shameless self-promoter but without any of the humorous tact other similar hacks like Howard Stern or myself might have.

It seems not many people have any love left for Rose. Check out this story by Roger Kahn, the esteemed baseball scribe who ghost-wrote Rose's autobiography.

Key quote--and really, this sums up everything:

Hall of Fame? Not only no, HELL, no! I want Rose out of Cooperstown, and I don't even want him managing my grandson's Little League team. I am no plump idealist, like Giamatti, but I still like my sporting leaders admirable. Orel Hershiser comes to mind.

I am not going to read the new Pete Rose book. I am too busy working on my backhand. But I'll be first in line at Barnes & Noble for something else. The new confessional O.J. Simpson memoir.

I've never seen caps used in an LA Times article before.

In other baseball news, Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor made it to the Hall of Fame. Good for them. But again, no Ryne Sandburg. Growing up, Ryne Sandburg was my favorite baseball player along with Rickey Henderson and Nolan Ryan. I'm not sure what the bias against Sandburg is--after all, all he did was retire with the highest number of home runs hit by a second baseman and won a bevy of Gold Gloves. Could it be the curse of the Cubs?
Will post some letters tomorrow. In the meanwhile, damned sleep--the only place I find solace.