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sexta-feira, janeiro 02, 2004

I'm so glad UCLA lost and USC won.

Here's a UCLA quote before their humiliating defeat to Fresno St. tha appeared in the Reg...:

"It would be a very bad thing," senior linebacker Brandon Chillar said. "That's the only way you can say it. When you're UCLA, playing Fresno State, you don't want to lose to littler schools and stuff like that. You want to prove you're a bigger program for a reason."

Said defensive end Dave Ball: "What would it be like? I don't know. Oh, man. I don't know. It just would be not very good at all, you know what I mean?"

And safety Nnamdi Ohaeri: "We need to uphold that (UCLA) name."

And the eating of crow from the report after their loss...

"It was," [UCLA quarterback Drew] Olson said, "one of the worst losses I've ever been a part of."

In the meanwhile, I've become a closet USC fan. Read my pick this week for the Rag...

I’m a proud UCLA alumni (M.A., ’01) and a longtime Notre Dame fan—in fact, at the beginning of every college football season, I still dust off the hideously faded Fighting Irish jacket I purchased about 12 years ago, back when my eighth-grade imagination still dreamt of winning the Heisman Trophy with my duck-spiral-throwing arm. So why in the name of Knute Rockne am I urging everyone to light a votive candle for the USC Trojans when they face the Michigan Wolverines this New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl?

Wake up and smell Traveler. Even my Pavlovian reflex to detest anything cardinal and gold could not deny the beauty of the Trojans’ football 11 this season, a team that, thanks to an offense that never scored less than 43 points in its past seven games, finished on top of the Associated Press’ poll. And all antitrust fans should recite their rosaries to ensure a USC victory, since a win would make the current Bowl Championship Series (BSC) crockery that prohibits a true national playoff from occurring disappear faster than a Bruins offensive series.

On a civic-pride note, every county resident should cheer on the 22 local boys that contribute mightily to the Trojans squad, from ghostly tailback Hershel Dennis (Long Beach Poly) to throwback linebacker Matt Grootegoed (Mater Dei, who unfortunately will not play due to a nagging high ankle sprain) to Grootegoed’s prep quarterback Matt Leinart. The southpaw sophomore led the Monarchs to the CIF Division I-A title in 1999 and could very well guide another gridiron group to glory if he triumphs this Thursday.

I'm NOT a front-runner. Even when UCLA was riding a five-game win streak, I despised them. And I viewed every wrenching ND lost on the telly. But UCLA football is despicable--any program is that fraudulently used handicapped parking permits for its prima donna players.

Enough ranting. Time to start tempering myself. But why?