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quinta-feira, janeiro 08, 2004

Meera Yaar Dildar...

From a friend down in Mexico...

Aquí estoy in beautiful Oaxaca City, finally checking my e-mail after weeks of being stuck in my pueblo sin una p***** computadora, they're working on it, según. Anyways, I haven't gotten a chance to read your articles from the last few weeks, pero I'll get there.

I was reading your list for the top albums del 2003, creo que en unos sí estoy de acuerdo, pero en otros como que no. Lo de Julieta, es cierto lo que escribiste, también Jumbo.Their last album didn't impress me as much, most of the songs sounded the same, had the same rythm, como que no me latió. But, Café Tacvba didn't make your list, ¿qué onda? Maybe you didn't have the access to this album, pero Zoé's album "Rocanlover" is in my list.

Also, I found out Vaquero is going to be in JCF, que envidia, I hope I get to see them perform some time this year, in México.

My response...

I like Café Tacuba's CD a lot...I just felt that, in comparison to other releases this year, it just didn't match up to them. I know that it's blasphemy comparing Natalia Lafourcade to Café Tacuba...but I really liked her album!

I've heard so much about Zoé, but I never heard the album--therefore, that emission. And yes, I can't wait for Vaquero to play at JC Fandango!

FYI: Vaquero was the band formerly known as Zurdok, one of the best damn bands to grace rockero-dom in the past decade. No one bought their album, however. And how did they sound? The excerpt:

Instead of incorporating Latin American rhythms, Zurdok’s music constantly mixes the best aspects of history’s finest rock bands during their greatest periods—the lush harmonies of the Beach Boys circa Pet Sounds, the dramatic tympanis of the Beatles’ "Every Little Thing" and the electronic weirdness of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The last time you heard this type of music, you were dreaming about Thom Yorke and John Lennon fathering a child together. The lyrics are just as grand—postmodern, philosophical musings about self-discovery and the ultimate subjectivity and randomness of existence.

I don't exaggerate on this one. They were that bloody good.

And now, some Daily Rotten history...

Jan 8 1998

Unabomber suspect Ted Kaczynski attempts to hang himself in his jail cell with his underwear. Let's hope for his mother's sake that the underwear he chose was clean.