A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, janeiro 17, 2004

Nothing was Delivered...

Actually went out tonight to an event at (I've decided to be more discreet in what I describe as to add some interest and protect the identities of those who piss me off. Of course, being that said people read this blog, only they will know. The rest of you have to find out on your own).

In fact, I think I should stop writing about what actually happens in my life, being that I've gotten in trouble twice too many times already with this infernal blog. Instead, I think I'm going to devote this to ambiguities, Rotten.com postings...wait a minute, we're already there!

All I can say about tonight's events is that everyone LOVES to criticize me, especially those who profess to like me the most. And that's incredibly sad. Thank God I'm jaded beyond belief or I'd really be sad right now rather than the current anhedonia I'm suffering.