A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, janeiro 27, 2004

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

Such eventful days!


Went to dine at Le Diplomate European Bistro with the Fabulous G Sisters and Uno (a gal who is so named because she dominates said card game). Food was great but much too expensive--$150 for a buffet? Ridiculous


Attended a show at the Centro. Not as many people showed up as there should've been, but the evening was enjoyable. Kicked myself in the head once again for the reticence that destroys me. Also attended the birthday party of a cousin of mine. At the party, an old neighbor of mine made fun of my Spanish for some bizarre reason. I can't even remember what word she claimed I mispronounced, but my mother soon came to my side and nearly everyone else at the table. The former neighbor shut up. Stupid wab.


Another event at the Centro, this time a screening of The Revolution will not be Televised. More people showed up than I expected--around 55, to be exact. Great film, great discussion, great turnout. And afterwards, more reading.


Ate dinner at Ferdussi Taste of Persia with the Chapman Couple and Pinochet Apologist--Nameless Genderless Friend begged off, and the Kahlo Commie had familial emergencies to attend. The male half of Chapman Couple made the observation that he's never seen such a combination of arrogance and self-deprecation in anyone like the one I supposedly possess. Pinochet Apologist soon chimed in with the infamous Gustavian Arrogance Theory--for the ignorant, the theorum essentially states that I unconsciously assert my superiority over others at all time.

Now, I don't think I'm superior to anyone. Yet Chapman Couple kept bringing up points that reveal a sense of assuredness that can be construed as arrogance--such as my dismissal of graduate school as too easy. But is it my fault if that is how I truly felt? It was also determined that I'm sublimating my libido through the sheer amount of articles I write every week. I agreed