A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, janeiro 13, 2004

Random Rotten.com Rememberences...

Jan 11 1892
After sampling the services of many adolescent women in the tropics, the fifty year old painter Paul Gauguin marries Tehura, an awfully cute 13 year old Tahitian girl.

Jan 11 1964
The US Surgeon General warns against smoking for the first time. It's amazing how many dumbshits need to be told that inhaling smoke is harmful.

Jan 12 1914
Industrialist Henry Ford offers the incredible sum of a $5 per day wage for unskilled labor (previously $2.34), but only to married white Christian men willing to subject themselves to surveillance and random home inspections by the company's Sociology Department.

Jan 12 1966
Premiere on television of the homoerotic comedy "Batman".

And here's the Paris Hilton entry on Rotten.com. Thank God they reviewed the surest sign of our impending doom. Here are some excerpts. WARNING: The following may be hilariously graphic.

What do you get the socialite hotel chain heiress who has everything? How about a big, stupid cock in her pudgy little butterface? The Paris Hilton sex tape of 2003 was little more than your standard three-pronged fuck 'n' suck: missionary, doggy-style and a blowjob. The entire feature weighs in at a scant two minutes and fifty-sex seconds, operating in near dismal conformity with Lars von Trier's Dogma treatise on moment-by-moment filmmaking. The handheld camera is unmistakably "on location," there is no superficial action or geographical alienation, all sound effects are produced in real-time collaboration with the images, and the primary director disavowed any immediate accreditation.

OK, enough. Read it on your own.