A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, fevereiro 23, 2004

Mele Kalikimaka is the Thing to Say...

There's supposed to be a protest tomorrow at Santa Ana Unified, of which I will attend. Since this is a personal blog filled with my sometimes-baffling remarks, I will refrain from commenting on them other than the district is even more fucked-up than my stomping grounds back in the days of Harald Martin. There is a God, but He sure loves to smite the blessed.

Some Daily Rotten history...

Feb 23 1942

The first Japanese attack on the U.S. mainland occurs when an I-17 submarine fires 13 shells at an oil refinery near Goleta, Southern California. $500 damage was inflicted. It was not clear why this target was chosen until much later, when it was found that the commander of this particular submarine had visited the site in the 1930's and stumbled into a field of prickly pear cactus. Captain Nishino never forgave the ridicule he received from his American hosts that day.

Feb 22 1987

Andy Warhol dies of complications after gallbladder surgery, though the details are hazy. The official cause was listed as cardiac arrhythmia, but speculation includes his fear of hospitals as well as possible Cefoxitin allergy. Warhol's death brings him a bonus 15 minutes of fame.

Nothing other to report except obrigado to all of you who post comments on this infernal blog. Oh, and that my Teutonic (or was he Austrian) namesake Gustav Klimnt scares me.