A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, fevereiro 22, 2004

Stormy Weather...

A rather eventful couple of days these past couple of days:


Went to open mic night in Little Saigon. Couldn't stay there that long but it was great. Good turnout, too. Afterwards, went dancing at JC Fandango. Me! Dancing! Salsa! With a woman! Together! Fun! Everyone who I've told this too has been shocked, and frankly, so am I. But it is a shock that will be happening with more frequency, inshallah.


Some Nicaraguan with Downer Downey in Downey, then a fandango at the Centro Cultural de Mexico. Nicaraguan food is rather delicious--I liked the banana chips, and the cacao was frothy and dunked with a good amount of chocolate.


Nothing. Read. Bought. Ate. Wrote. Talked.

An email regarding my Jugos Acapulco piece...

I finally read one of your food columns and it had to be about one of my favorite places, Jugos Acapulco. I miss that place. I would always go on Saturdays after taking a walk around Downtown Santa Ana, and I would order una ensalada escamocha. Se me hace agua la boca, nada mas en pensar.

And, that, broder, is the best compliment one can pay to a restaurant critic.