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ter├ža-feira, fevereiro 03, 2004

They Live...

Today was the day of the exes, as no less than THREE of them attempted contacting me today! Following is the only email exchange, this from the Irish lass I wrote about for my hilarious comic drawn by Lalo Alcaraz...

> I'm not sure if this is still your email address, but i guess i'll find out. So my sister found a cartoon in oc weekly...... was that suppose to be me???? Had to ask, I couldn't resist. I was amused, thought I'd let you know. Katie on the other hand was rolling on the floor laughing. Hope all is well for you.

PS.. Sorry I was such a bitch to you back in the day. Learning experience I guess. But just the same sorry

My response!

Funny how one thinks no one reads their stuff but the minute they write about a personal incident, the protagonist (or, conversely, antagonist) in question comes out of the woods...of course it was you--never dated any other Irish gal.

There's no need to apologize--you went your way, I went mine. No bitterness--makes for great fodder, anyways. And in the larger scheme of things, our cantankerous split pales in comparison to the other people mentioned in the article.

Talk about crazy!