A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, mar├žo 22, 2004

This is the End...

After little consideration, I have decided to end this infernal blog.

I've been writing in this website for over two years now--started right after 9/11. It carried me through two uncaring girlfriends, countless viragos for dates, and into a new career. Even though I posted the good with the bad, I've found that in retrospect, I posted only because I was uncomfortable with my life--not fully content with where my realities rested.

But now I'm content. Am I rash to declare victory against the tyranny of depression based on a woman I've officially seen for only about three months? Possibly. But I cannae deny the impact she's made on my life, the sheer relaxation she's introduced to someone who still is Alvy Singer-y nervous. I no longer feel a need to vent in these pages, maybe because I rarely vent, period (outside of the Rag, in which I'll cry 'til the day I die).

Still want to learn more about me? If we don't already carry a continuous correspondence, then you're obviously not so important to me. I hate to sound so crass and cold, but it's true. If you don't have my personal email (not the one above, but the OTHER one), then I don't know you. However, I always answer my email. And strangers: if you come across this site looking for that beaner Gustavo Arellano, you've found him! Send me an email.

Do not consider this infernal blog dead--more like comatose. Here's to hoping this coma lasts forever.