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sábado, abril 23, 2005


Last night was the birthday of Javier Castellanos, owner of perhaps the most important Latin music nightclub since the Cocacabana, JC Fandango. Over the years, I've gotten close to Castellanos and his crew, primarily because of their easy-going personalities but also because of their vision. The various Spanish-language music groups JC Fandango has hosted on its tiny stage belies its strip mall existence and is an easy well for any journalist in need of a story. Which raises the question...why does the Orange County Register pretend JC Fandango doesn't exist? Los Amigos Invisibles rolled into town a couple of Thursdays ago, but no coverage--not even a review. In fact, I can tell you how many times the Register has reviewed a show at JC Fandango in the past two years--none. Eh, I guess Register Latin entertainment reporter Justino Aguila is too busy writing stories about multi-colored poodles to give a damn about real bloody news.


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