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sexta-feira, abril 29, 2005


My colleague at the Weekly, Nick Schou, is of Norwegian descent, and always loves to share with me stories of his ancestral homeland. Some nutsoid stuff happens over there in the land of fjords and tetherball--we call it the Florida of Europe (it's no coincidence that both are massive penninsulas)


Edvard Munch's masterpiece, The Scream, feared burned

Schou wrote about his family's connnection to The Scream last summer. Sad, sad case.


Norway courts convict woman of raping man

Yes, it's possible. So why is it weird? Dunno--tell the folks over at Daily Rotten why they listed this story.

NOW #3

The legacy of Agent Orange

Geez--why didn't the Orange County Register mention this poor child in their remembrance of the fall of Saigon?


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