A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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terça-feira, abril 26, 2005


Some kind words from the folks over at Gridskipper, the latest tentacle of the Gawker empire. Regarding a dispatch they did on lucha libre in Southern California:

Los Angeles’ Lucha VaVoom hosts frequent matches at various local venues which include a retroed-out, fifties-style burlesque show and color commentary by Spongebob Squarepants voice Tom Kenny. Unfortunately, they are currently on the road in Chicago until June. For the real deal, we turn to nearby Anaheim and OC Weekly’s mad genius Gustavo Arellano, who knows of what he speaks of:

“Orange County’s only lucha libre venue also happens to be what the true lucha libre experience is about (Lucha VaVoom, for all its acrobatics, still has too much of the look!-we’re-hipsters-acting-Mexican! feel). Every Sunday at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace (really, just a glorified swap meet), lucha libre reigns.”

Wrestlers at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace include the racist gringo American Rebel, transvestite Roma Salavaje and Maldad Satánica (Satanic Damnation). Who in their right mind would rather waste their time seeing the Dodgers or the Lakers instead?

Very kind words from the Gawker people, considering they hate our parent paper's guts.


Hear me today at seven in the evening, insha Allah, on the Al Rantel Show on KABC-AM 790. We're supposed to talk about this little billboard that has the anti-Mexican crowd bloviating like usual. And we're also going to play Ask a Mexican! which is always a howl. More postings later--my computer is apparently about to crash.