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domingo, abril 24, 2005


Once again, another big-city paper parachutes into our sordid burg and gets Orange County all wrong.

Oh, it wasn't too far off from the truth--Orange County is indeed a playground for the nouveau-rich, the fund-trust hipsters, the plain folks who don't bat an eye spending hundreds on a pair of bloody jeans. But only in two parts of Scott Duke Harris' cover story for the Los Angeles Times' this Sunday did the hint of the real Orange County emerge: the coloreds who keep the Newport Coast homes clean and the culos of gabacho babies nice and ringworm-free.

HINT#1: Plenty of Orange County residents, of course, go about their lives, working to better their lot without succumbing to envy, greed or other pitfalls of consumerism. In Santa Ana, for example, Latinos who help prop up the good life account for more than 75% of the population. A few miles west in Westminster, Little Saigon is the hub of the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam, and includes my wife's family.

HINT#2: Consider the lucky Fuentes family. Before moving into a three-bedroom Santa Ana bungalow built by Habitat for Humanity, Mario, Iris and their five daughters shared a home with relatives. Fourteen people and one bathroom.

Harris, a Santa Ana native, short-sells his hometown. Not only is Santa Ana 75% Latino, it's also the country's youngest, most-Latino, most-Spanish-speaking, most-crowded and toughest-to-live-in city. Yet that's always a factoid that national reporters love to ignore or...nah, they just ignore it. They also ignore its seething white working class, the likes of which make Orange County Nuremberg Central in the white-supremacist music scene. They ignore the endemic political corruption that makes the good life not only possible, but desirable. They ignore the Middle Eastern merchants in Little Arabia, the Korean enclave off Garden Grove Boulevard, anything and anyone not living in the 949 area code.

Only one national entity does not ignore the real OC--the FOX television show, Arrested Development, one of the funniest sitcoms of any year (Buster Bluth's visit to Santa Ana in the episode "Amigos" remains a masterpiece of trenchant, subdued social commentary). And that program probably faces a visit with the chopping block. Once again, the lords of Orange County can smile--their fantasy world prevails.


  • At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Pablo Serrato said…

    Arrested Development is the best television I've seen since...we'll the Simpsons of the mid to late 1990s.

    Arrested Development's two Latina characters in season one, Marta the telenovela actress and the Bluth family maid Lupe are used well to forward the humor and sly commentary.

  • At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anônimo said…

    But Gustavo, that Affluenza article had a picture of a buxom blonde sitting on the hood of a Mercedes. And it talked about breast augmentation.

    Once again, a major American newspaper proves that the media's not liberal; instead they're incredibly lazy, hackneyed and cliched.

    Anyway you're right about Arrested Development, the best show on TV since Family Guy.

  • At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Gustavo said…

    Anonymous: a buxom blonde does not a county make, even if it is la naranja.

  • At 4:52 PM, Blogger Clickbank Mall said…

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