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terça-feira, maio 03, 2005


This morning, as his head picture and story, the Florida mucker posted a story about the world's largest hamburger.

Like the Drudge Report, but he's no good as a radio host--too whiny, not blustery enough like his cohorts on the right side of the dial.


For you political junkies out there (especially those on the Left), there is something called sports. Those "masses" you seek to liberate could care less about Che or Hannity--they want their Dodgers and football. In fact, the only time pundits give a damn about sports is when issues of race come into play, such as the recent firing of the Oklahoma University baseball coach.

His crime as reported by the Times:

The network reported Friday that Cochell, who is white, made the remarks in discussing freshman outfielder Joe Dunigan III during separate conversations with broadcasters Gary Thorne and Kyle Peterson before the Sooners' televised game last Tuesday at Wichita State.

Cochell said to Thorne: "There are honkies and white people, and there are niggers and black people. Dunigan is a good black kid," and told Peterson, "There's no nigger in him."

I'm sure the Fabulous Right will howl at the double standards in this society, where white people cannot make such remarks but Chris Rock can. Go ahead. Howl. Wasn't that a funny bit? Isn't Chris Rock a genius? Oh, he's not? He's offensive? So why aren't Cochell's comments as offensive?

Let's wait and see how the Fabulous Right reacts. In the meanwhile, Pat Robertson thinks the judicial system is more dangerous to the Republic than Al Qaeda.


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