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domingo, junho 12, 2005


For the Los Angeles Times' great "Outside the Tent" feature: why doesn't the Times cover my beloved Orange County enough?

My first efforts for the MSM since my days contributing columns to the San Francisco Chronicle back in--wow!--2001. Right out of Chapman University, I was.

For ustedes who will click onto this site from other locations and try to figure out what this chap is about--bienvenidos! I didn't pick the ridiculous headline that goes with the story--mine would've involved naked Jesus murals and duct tape.

Come back to visit, ya here? Sure, the entries as of recent haven't been particularly lengthy--but I'll throw in an Ask a Mexican! every week if you come!

sábado, junho 11, 2005


Went rather well last Thursday--a live-on-tape episode of AirTalk recorded at Libreria Martinez. Was me, SanTana Councilmember Mike Garcia, SanTana Unified School District Trustee Audrey Nogi, Orange County Business Journal Editor Mike Lyster and all-around fool Lupe Moreno. Listen to the rebroadcast...um, they don't have a permanent link yet, so just go to the KPCC-FM website.

sexta-feira, junho 03, 2005

Um, didn't I post something yesterday? Or is it somewhere else?

quinta-feira, junho 02, 2005


My apologies for the lack of posts--that will change, considering an article I just wrote will bring in some new eyes. So, on with the Rotten history!

Jun 2 1999

Pope John Paul II blesses the Vatican's new underground parking garage. A miracle of modern technology!

Jun 2 2003

Thousands of defeated Iraqi troops marched on U.S. occupation headquarters in Baghdad, demanding to be paid. It is perhaps the first time in history a defeated army has demanded payroll from the victors.